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In Spanish the word tapa means ‘cover’, and the tradition dates back to the turn of the century in the south of Spain. During horse fairs in Seville, tavern keepers would offer a slice of bread to ‘cover’ the glass of sherry and thus prevent flies from crawling in. Most patrons would end up nibbling the bread, and the rest is history. In Spain tapas are served in bars only, and we maintain that tradition; however we make an exception at lunch time, when we also serve them in the dining room




flamenquín — $5.45
breaded pork tenderloin roll stuffed with cheese and piquillo pepper

pinchitos morunos — $4.85
grilled pork skewers marinated with herbs and cumin

dátiles endiablados — $3.95
‘deviled’ dates: filled with chorizo and wrapped in bacon

albondiguitas — $5.35
little meatballs in a saffron and onion sauce

pollo al genjibre — $4.95
grilled boneless chicken marinated with ginger and garlic, basil sauce

cordero al chilindrón — $5.95
braised lamb with tomatoes, peppers and garlic

callos a la madrileña — $4.85
trotter stew with bacon and potatoes

costillita de cordero — $6.90
grill lamb chop served with faba beans

empanadilla de pollo o chorizo — $2.75
chicken and sweet pepper, or caramelized onion and chorizo, turnover

guiso de ternera — $5.95
brised veal with olives and carrots

fabada — $5.80
classic Spanish stew of meats and legumes

croquetas de jamón — $4.35
ham and onion croquettes

‘pringá’ — $3.85
confit of pork shoulder, sausages and leeks, on toast

conserva de pato — $5.65
slow-cooked duck with herb-scented white bean puree

‘el Pepito’ — $7.65
seared beef medallion on toast, allioli sauce

berenjenas con queso (me saben a besos – DQ) — $4.95
béchamel and cheese baked eggplant stuffed with Serrano ham and bay shrimp

montadito de lomo adobado — $4.85
orégano, garlic and lime marinated pork loin cutlet a la plancha, romesco sauce

caracoles a la madrileña — $5.65
braised snails with chorizo, bacon and almonds

pastelito de cola de toro — $8.30
red wine and brandy-marinated ox tail, slow roasted, off the bone, in puff pastry

rojoes a cominos — $5.15
slow-braised pork shoulder with onions, lemon and cumin

pincho de salchichas — $4.65
grill sausage sampler, mustard sauce

pa amb tomaquet i pernil — $19.95
country bread rubbed with tomato, topped with Serrano ham




pincho de gambas y chorizo — $4.65
caraway and garlic-marinated prawns and chorizo skewer

boquerones en vinagre — $4.65
tiny filets of Spanish white anchovies in a olive oil vinaigrette

vieira con espuma de salmón ahumado — $5.60
grilled day-boat scallop with smoked salmon mousse

pulpo a la gallega — $9.95
octopus with olive oil and hot dry peppers

pastelito de bacalao — $4.30
salt-cod and potato pie with olives, piquillo pepper and oven-dried tomato

pimiento del piquillo relleno de txangurro — $6.85
Rioja pepper stuffed with crab

guiso de garbanzos con pulpitos — $5.45
chickpea and baby octopus braised in a lobster stock and pimentón

escabeche de pescado — $4.35
fish in a herb-sherry marinade and fried

mejillones rellenos — $4.85
mussels stuffed with shallots, Serrano ham, and béchamel

albóndigas de cangrejo — $5.85
fried dungeness crab dumplings, allioli sauce

crudo de vieira — $4.50
day-boat scallop sashimi with squid ink vinaigrette, lime and sea salt

almejas rebozadas — $4.85
fried Ipswich clams, allioli sauce

crudo de atún — $5.45
tuna tataki salad with avocado, tomato and cilantro

sardinas a la parrilla — $4.35
grilled sardine filet wrapped in a grape leaf, garlic toast, tomato marmalade

cangrejo ruso a la francesa — $7.90
snow crab legs dorèe, Bordelaise sauce of shallots and white wine

cocktail de camarones y aguacate — $4.85
Canadian bay shrimp and avocado, cocktail sauce

ahumados con patatas — $5.35
salad of smoked trout, bass, herring and potato, with chives and capers




tortilla de patatas — $3.35
traditional Spanish potato-onion tartlet

escalivada — $4.85
olive oil-sherry wine vinegar marinated roasted vegetables

aceitunas y almendras — $3.80
assorted marinated olives & toasted spiced almonds

champiñones al ajillo — $3.55
grilled mushrooms, garlic-parsley olive oil

espinacas con garbanzos — $4.15
spinach with chickpeas, garlic and Spanish paprika

patatas bravas con allioli — $4.20
spicy fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise

alcauciles fritos — $5.40
lightly floured and fried baby artichokes, almond picada

rollito de verduras — $5.45
cabbage roll stuffed with onions, eggplant and almond; tomato marmalade

tartaleta de verduras al horno — $5.40
roasted eggplant tartlet

pisto manchego — $4.30
Don Quijote’s staple: vegetable stew served with garlic toast and quail egg

samosas — $4.35
with potatoes and peas, mint-yougurt sauce

gazpacho malagueño — $4.05
glass of chilled almond-garlic soup

gazpacho andaluz — $3.85
the real deal, in a glass

coca catalana — $9.85
catalan flat bread with caramelized garlic, onion marmalade and roasted peppers

alcachofas con champiñones y patatas — $6.10
artichokes and seasonal wild mushrooms sautéed with amontillado sherry

tomates con queso al albahaca — $4.85
cherry tomatoes and Manchego cheese, basil dressing





prices do not include nineteen point five percent service charge
and eight and a half percent sales tax