Iberia’s Take-out Menu

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LARGE CAESAR SALAD, for one to three


ENSALADA ANDALUZA romaine lettuce, bay shrimp, tomatoes, manzanilla olives,mushrooms, olive oil vinaigrette


ENSALADA de PULPO, octopus, bean and piquillo pepper salad




PATATAS BRAVAS, spicy fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise


GAMBAS al AJILLO, prawns, toasted garlic, sherry wine




DATILES ENDIABLADOS, chorizo stuffed and bacon wrapped dates
$1.50 ea.


PINCHITO de CORDERO, lamb kabob, marinated with paprika, cumin and lemon


EMPANADITA de POLLO, chicken, roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers


SARDINAS a la PARRILLA, grilled sardine filet (3) wrapped in a grape leaf, garlic toast


FLAMENQUIN, pork loin filet wrapped with ham and Manchego cheese; fried


SETAS al AJILLO, griddled king oyster mushrooms, garlic-parsley olive oil


TXIPIRONES RELLENOS (5), baby squid stuffed with tomatoes & sausage, braised in its ink






CHULETON a la PARRILLA, grilled prime-grade sirloin (8 oz.), chimichurri sauce


CODORNIZ en HOJALDRE, quail breast in puff pastry, with duck pȃté, mushroom sauce


POLLO VILLEROY, chicken filets & serrano ham, dipped in béchamel, breaded and fried


ACEDIAS, pan fried sand dab filets, white wine and mushroom sauce


GRILL LAMB CHOPS , served with Romesco sauce (roasted ñora peppers and almonds)


CANELON a la CATALANA, a traditional favorite in Barcelona:
pasta tubes stuffed with chicken, veal and pork topped with béchamel and baked


FETTUCCINE IBERIA, with roasted peppers, eggplant and grilled chicken


PENNE PICASSO, with grilled prawns, scallops, bacon and garlic





PAELLA, saffron-infused rice with chicken, pork and seafood (vegan option available upon request)

Small, for one to three

Large, for four to six

ARROZ con POLLO, beer braised chicken and rice, red pepper sofrito, for one to three

PAELLA de LANGOSTA, lobster paella with cuttlefish and prawns, for one to three




* items heated/baked upon request


CLAM CHOWDER, the closest you can get to Montauk


VERDURAS al HORNO, vegetable gratin with shallots, cream and Mahon cheese


FABADA ASTURIANA, Spanish stew of meats and legumes


CALLOS, trotter and tripe stew with pork belly and chorizo


PASTEL de SALMON, Scottish salmon and spinach pie, potato crust


GOOSE CONFIT, slow-cooked in its own fat, approx ten ounce container


SHEPHERD’S PIE, beef, lamb, onions and carrots; cheddar cheese-potato crust


CHICKEN and LEEK PIE, chicken breast, leeks and mushrooms; sherry wine, cream


STEAK and MUSHROOM PIE, slow cooked beef shoulder with mushrooms & red wine





SANGRIA, Iberia Restaurant’s own rendition
$25.00/750 ml.


THE MARGARITA, Cuervo Gold tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, fresh lime
$48.00/750 ml.


CAIPIRINHA, cachaҫa, lime, sugar, nectar of the gods!
$45.00/750 ml.


THE MANHATAN, Michter’s bourbon, Lustau vermut, orange bitters, brandy cherry
$69.00/750 ml.


THE HOME BAR, Manhatan, Negroni, Old Fashion or Side Car
$25.00/ 8oz.






FLAN, classic baked custard, caramelized sugar sauce


TRES LECHES CAKE, with condensed milk and caramel sauce


BRAZO de GITANO, pistachio genoise filled with chocolate mousse


ARROZ con LECHE, creamy rice pudding, cinnamon, lemon zest


TARTA de SANTIAGO, orange almond torte soaked with orange reduction


ENGLISH TRIFLE, layers of almond cake, berries, crème anglaise, Chantilly cream (for two)


PAN con CHOCOLATE, bread pudding studded with chocolate,
and served warm with crème anglaise






prices do not include fifteen percent service and nine point seven five percent sales tax

The menu changes weekly.  Please check back soon.





Tuesday to Saturday – 12:00pm to 8:00pm

Sunday – 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm